Of all the women that I talk to and interact with on a daily basis. There is one very common theme and it is that most every woman, myself included, has this feeling that they want to make a difference, that they want their life to have meaning. Some even have a feeling of being called or a feeling of a strong desire to accomplish a certain mission on the earth. And I can speak from my own experience.

I know for years before I actually ever did anything with it. I felt this pull, like I was supposed to do something with my life like I was supposed to influence like I was supposed to solve a problem or have a major impact on humanity and I just wasn’t sure how. And I’ll be honest, I experienced a lot of frustration in that and as I’ve grown older and as my life has unfolded, so has my purpose.

And that is of course a large part of why this Podcast exists and the rise and reign framework and the work that we do in the world is to help women decode this, to help women do the inner work, to help women do the self development and personal growth and the healing that is necessary, that will actually open up and guide and lead you into your purpose. So somebody who has been extremely impactful, in my journey is somebody that I get to interview and share with you today.

His name is Rory Vaden and Rory helped me build my personal brand. His company Brand Builders was very instrumental in that and I love this interview for so many reasons because Rory is a great guy, but there is so much goodness in this message. My favorite part is when he gets into talking about what to do about that feeling of unworthiness or that feeling that I would say… I’m going to go ahead and say it.

Amy: We all feel it. We all wonder if we are good enough, we wonder if what we have is good enough, we wonder if our voice matters and if our gifts are acceptable and will people like me? And Rory just lays it down in this interview about how to get over that and get over yourself and get your work out into the world. So, hi there, this is Amy Killingsworth and Rise and Reign Podcast episode number 11. I am thrilled to bring you Mr. Rory Vaden. So without further ado, here is my interview with Rory. Rory Vaden, hello and thank you so much for being a guest on the Rise to Reign Podcast.

Rory: Yes, I’m so excited to be here. Amy, when I met you, I don’t know like a year and a half ago. We said one day you’re going to be… The world needs more Amy and we had a random conversation and girl here we are, this is so exciting.

Amy: Here we are. I am so excited and I have to tell you, you’re my first celebrity guest interview, expert interview and it couldn’t be more appropriate because you have been so instrumental in getting me where I am right now and being able to not only share the message with the world, but know actually what that message is and be able to articulate it clearly and have the means to. So backing up, I went off fan girl for just a second.

Rory: I love it, I love it.

Amy: I want to introduce you to my audience. Rory is a New York times best selling author and a hall of fame speaker and just an all around incredible human being. He’s a wife to AJ. He has two beautiful baby boys and-

Rory: I’m the husband to AJ.

Amy: Sorry. You’re right. Yes, thank you. He’s the husband to AJ and has two beautiful baby boys. Well a toddler and a baby boy and you have a new venture that you have launched out into the world and one that I have been the happy recipient of your services. So I’m excited to share that with my audience because I feel like the time in the world right now, it’s such a great convergence because we’re sort of moving, we’ve been in the information age for a while, but we’re moving to that de-centralization where really anybody can get their message and get their words out into the world.

Amy: And Rise and Reign is all about helping women rise in the rightful place of influence in the world. And so that is really what you do, is you help people clarify their message and have the way to get it out into the world. But rather than me telling people what you do, why don’t you tell people what you do?

Rory: No. Well, I mean, that’s great. I think for us we have a heart for mission driven messengers, right? We love and believe in the people who feel called because I believe that if you’re feeling called to share a message, it’s because somebody out there is praying at the exact moment for the message that you are being prompted to share. I literally believe that is how the… It’s like a calling works is you are the answer to somebody’s question.

Rory: You are the solution to somebody’s problem. But mission-driven messengers really struggle to know, to what question am I the answer? To what problem am I the solution? They really struggle with getting clear on their positioning and what their brand is all about. And so Brand Builders Groups helps people to build and monetize their personal brand. And it’s one of the fundamental premises of what we do, actually came from one of my mentors, this was a guy named Larry Winget and he said… And, I say mentors- It was like a CD program that I heard him say this on.

Rory: He said, the real goal of any personal brand is to find your uniqueness so that you can exploit it in the service of others.

Amy: I love that.

Rory: Find your uniqueness so you can exploit it in the service of others. And Larry is a great speaker, he’s a great author, but he didn’t really teach people how to do this. That was just like a thing he said. And this was kind of a side training that he did. And I thought as soon as I heard that man, that is so brilliant. But the thing was he didn’t talk about how to find your uniqueness.

Amy: Don’t you love that? That’s like the Instagram meme world that we live in. It’s like, “Find your tribe and love them hard.” And you’re like, “Okay, that sounds good.”

Rory: That sounds good.

Amy: Yeah.

Rory: That sounds great.

Amy: How did you do that? Yeah.

Rory: Yeah, be positive every day. That could be good.

Amy: Yeah, but you have actually created this entire company around the how.

Rory: Yeah. Well, like you mentioned, you mentioned AJ. So AJ is actually the CEO. She is my wife. She’s also my business partner. We’re business partners for 12 years in a former endeavor. And we started that company as part business partners and then started dating after we started a business. Then we got married, then we exited that business and then we started Brand Builders Group.

Rory: So she’s the CEO. So sugar mama, that’s all I’m saying. But yeah, during the course of time we’ve worked to build… I’ve always been sort of like the face and… But we, through the help of a number of mentors and a lot of education, a lot of trial and error, we basically figure it out, a systematic process to help someone find their uniqueness. We call it the brand DNA helix. It’s sort of the signature framework of our phase one experience. And it’s this beautiful intersection of who you’ve been your entire life, like your past leaves a lot of clues as does your future.

Amy: I’d like to interject something right there because Rise to Reign as a brand and our offerings is really a big thrust of what it is, is emotional healing. It’s to help women rise to influence and leadership. But in order to do that, you have to face inward and heal the wounds and patterns that you have that will cause you to fail in leadership or not get to leadership because of various things like self sabotage and unworthiness and the beliefs and things that you carry.

Amy: So one of the things is that is so profound for me as I watch women break through those barriers and release those limiting beliefs is that the thing that they struggle in the most is also the area that they are called to influencing. And so like that brokenness comes… And sometimes horrible trauma and suffering and sometimes- just life.

Amy: And sometimes trauma and suffering in that area is the area that they’re called to get authority. And so, that they can turn around and pass that authority back down the line and help release other people from that darkness or that prison that they went through and that’s one of the reasons why the brand DNA kit is so powerful to me. It is literally powerful to me because it has… Informs how we speak about our brand and really knowing what it is that we’re here to do.

Amy: But, it’s also just a powerful tool or a diagnostic to be able to really see that your past in the light of meaning and have that breakthrough in itself of, “Oh, I went through all of this for a reason and now it’s going to do good for the world.” So I just wanted to point out how profound that’s been for me and how I feel like it’s profound for anyone that engages with it.

Rory: Well, I love that and I think one of the things that we say… So in phase one, we’ve got nine phases, but in phase one, there’s four things you have to get clear on. And one of the four is exactly who is your brand serving and one of the things we say a lot around that is that you’re most powerfully positioned to serve the person that you once were. You’re most powerfully positioned to serve the person that you once were, which, by the way, is what we’re doing, right?

Rory: Like for me, I was in sixth grade the first time that I saw a speaker and had the thought, “Wow, how could you do that?” What would it take to become this person? And then, one thing led to the next and then I was in direct sales for a while and for a long time. I remember sitting in the audience looking at a stage saying, “How do you get to be that person?”

Rory: And then I still remember very vividly walking through the airport looking at books on the shelf saying, how do you become a New York times best selling author? What would that take? And then listening to Podcasts and entrepreneurs and so we serve speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, like direct sales people, anybody really who isn’t is like truly a leader, like an influencer. And that’s why-

Amy: Already a potential.

Rory: Yeah, potential.

Amy: Yeah.

Rory: Yeah. Potential. And I think I would have been so drawn to the Rise to Reign Brand and message all along because I think… First of all, I think the work you do is so magnificent and powerful. I think that your frameworks and the structure, the psychology and the healing, the experience you’re taking people through. I think is transformative. And I can’t wait. I feel lucky. I feel like we get to be on the front row seat of seeing the world find… Get exposed to this methodology that you’re creating and have created.

Rory: So, the concept of Rise to Reign means so many things, but as a leader, as particularly a female leader, there’s a lot you have to go through to reign. There’s a lot you have to heal in your past and there’s a lot that you have to become. And so I just… I love that, I’m inspired by that.

Amy: Thank you so much for saying that Rory. And your belief is one of the things that has inspired me to actually take it to the streets. You have this dream, so many people, I myself included, have this dream that you just don’t know if it has any real merit and maybe you don’t even know. It’s a little foggy and fuzzy in your mind. You know what this is like.

Rory: Yeah.

Amy: And I speak to so many women who are like that, they feel the call to heal and to help and to serve and to contribute and to make the world a better place. But it’s hard when you’re in it to make sense of it, of what it actually is and how to compound articulate it, how to communicate it, that message. And your belief in what I’m doing and my idea has really given me the confidence to say, “Okay, this can fly, people need this.” This can grow legs and run.

Amy: And not only that, but I always say, with clarity comes confidence. When you want to communicate a message you need to know really clearly what that message is. And so inside the brand DNA, which is your phase one, inside the brand DNA, you really walk through a process because so many of us are multi-passionate entrepreneurs, right?

Rory: Right.

Amy: I want to heal the world, but I’m also passionate about doing that physically and emotionally and mentally and spiritually and all the things. And so you have this concept of Sheahan’s Wall, would you be willing to explain that briefly?

Rory: Yeah. Yes. We should definitely talk about Sheahan’s Wall. So one thing just before we get into Sheahan’s Wall, that you said, that I think is really important. I totally believe in you. I believed in you the first moment that we started talking like I immediately… Not to mention that I knew… There was like a room of people that we were sitting with and you’re like, “Oh yeah, I’m on doTERRA.” And I’m as this diamond and no one knew what that meant. But being in the world of direct sales, I was like, “Oh hell yeah, she’s a baller. I know exactly.”

Amy: It takes one to know one. If you got the direct sales.

Rory: Yeah. You don’t get to that level. And plus we love doTERRA and have lots of friends and I spoken for some of the groups there, but I think… So I definitely believe in you. And I also agree with what you said, that clarity makes a big difference and Brand Builders does that. We have a really systematic process for helping people realize the dream.

Rory: But the thing I wanted to highlight is that what gives me belief is not just that you’re amazing, it’s that I can see so clearly how many people are struggling with the problem that you solve. So the part of the belief comes not from focusing on the messenger but the audience. And that’s why it’s like, as you get clear about the problem, you can see… You start to see the problem in the world and you go, “Holy moly, this is a huge problem.” And if you can help the messenger get clear on that.

Rory: And so I think women do this at the risk of a generalization, I think women do this more than men, that they judge themselves. They feel called to this dream and they immediately go, “Yeah, I don’t know if that would work, I don’t know if anybody would want that.” I don’t know if I’m-

Amy: It’s really at the core of it is, I don’t know if I’m good enough.

Rory: Exactly.

Amy: I’m speaking from personal experience, you can have all the confidence in the world that you have. What the problem exists and what you have to solve it, has merit. But then when it looks to you as the messenger, then that’s where all the unworthiness and the self judgment comes in and that’s part of what we help heal.

Rory: And one of the things… We say this around too, is that you only feel… That you never feel fear when the mission to serve is clear. You only feel fear when you’re thinking about yourself. Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? Is anyone that you care about this? All of that crap is totally self centered.

Rory: Who cares? Who cares if it’s accurate? Okay. It doesn’t even matter if it’s accurate. It’s just self-centered. It’s all revolving around you. The moment you break free of that and you just think about the audience and you just think about, what is Laura feeling? Not what am I feeling, but what is Laura feeling and can I help her? That changes everything. So you don’t feel that fear when you’re focused on serving. You only feel that fear when you’re thinking about yourself and you’ve got to break outside of that.

Amy: It’s so good. And there’s a term that you coined that my team uses all the time. It’s good to see, is when you get there, like the God-Bumps, the goosebumps and I have them all over right now because that is such a critical transition. It’s such a critical transformation. It’s like the plane and the turbulence. Like when you’re taking off and it’s all foggy and everything’s bumpy and it’s rattling and then you come up above the clouds and the sun is shining and the air is clear.

Rory: Wow, I love that.

Amy: And this is smooth, and that’s exactly what it’s like is when you’re in that turbulence and that fear and the self doubt and the self sabotage, it’s all about you. It’s about your own significance and answering the question, am I good enough? Do I matter? Does what I have… Are people going to like it? Are they going to like it? Are they going to consume it? And that is… It’s absolute misery. It’s misery.

Rory: Yeah. And I think the-

Amy: It’s not and your audience feels that too. Wouldn’t you agree with that?

Rory: Yeah.

Rory: There’s the total energy, and here’s the great irony, right? It’s like the more we question ourselves, the more… It’s like this negative spiral because it’s like people don’t care about when you’re caring about yourself, they care about when you’re caring about them, they start to show up and the ironic thing about this is when we go like, does my life matter? It’s like the more that you are in isolation, the less that your life matters.

Rory: The more that you’re in connection, the more that you’re in service, the more that you are serving your audience. It is through the act of serving that gives our life significance. It’s through the act of helping that gives our existence life and value and it fills this up. And so isolation is one of the worst things you can do.

Amy: And in the meantime, when you’re in this spiral of self doubt, the people who are praying for the message that you’re anointed to give are going without the message. They’re still suffering. They’re still in this and are still in the present.

Rory: Your self doubt is selfish because your self doubt is preventing you from showing up for the person that needs you most desperately. That person needs you more than you need… That person needs you more than you need to feel confident. But we’re so trapped in our own crap that we can’t get outside of that. And so you have these two people living in isolation, the calling and the messenger and they’re not connecting

Amy: And you connect them, which is what so… Well you equip the messenger to forge the connection which is so beautiful.

Rory: Yeah, We try to, yeah.

Amy: You do. You do an amazing job of that. And I am proof positive of what it does inside of yourself when you prepare, and this is… We like your book, we love your book, Take the Stairs. It’s a staple among my team and my doTERRA because it’s really about taking responsibility and preparing to win and not just wanting it, not just wishing for it, but actually what you have to do to prepare yourself and the work with Brand Builders does that.

Amy: It gives you the framework or the structure to be able to prepare so that then you walk out into the world, onto a Podcast, a blog, a brand with confidence because you’ve done the preparation that you need to do.

Rory: Yeah. That’s a good way of thinking about it. I think the work that people do with us, with their personal brand is similar to the work you… That an athlete would do in the gym before they step out onto the field. I’ve never thought about that parallel before and it is a discipline and that our first book, my first book, Take the Stairs, was all about self discipline and building a great personal brand is a tremendous discipline.

Rory: It kind of leads us back to Sheahan’s Wall. What most people don’t have the discipline to do is focus. And so what they do is they launch a brand and they talk about everything. It’s like food and nutrition and relationships and fashion and success and happiness and marriage and kids and sales and leadership and teamwork and change management.

Rory: And it’s like they talk about all these different things and then they’ll choose all these different audiences. I want to talk to stay-at-home-moms and I want to talk to CEOs and talk to sales people. I know I’ve talk to about like fitness people and they have like all these audiences and then they like watch a webinar. They go online and you see all these ads for all these ways to make money and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I need to launch a coaching program.”

Rory: And then the next webinar we watched was like, “Gosh, he had a launch at video course.” No Keynote speaking. “No, you should write a book. No, you should be a consultant. You should create a software as a service.”

Amy: I really don’t believe these remarks.

Rory: And so there’s all of these different markets. There’s different markets to serve, there’s different models, business models that we dilute ourselves with. And there’s different messages that we start to pursue and everything dilutes. And when you have diluted focus, you get diluted results. It’s as simple as that.

Amy: You wrote in your book Multiply. Well it’s Procrastinate on Purpose.

Rory: Procrastinate on Purpose.

Amy: You wish it was Multiply.

Rory: Multiply exams. Yes, it’s sort of called Multiply exams.

Amy: So it’s Procrastinate on Purpose. Unfortunate title. I love that story that gives you… Allowed us to learn from-

Rory: The mistake of mistitling our second book. Yeah. We should’ve called it… We should’ve called it, How to Multiply Time, which is what the Ted talk was called, but we called it Procrastinating on Purpose. So longer stories-

Amy: Nobody’s buying Procrastination apparently. But it’s a great book. And one of the things that you mentioned in there is that you… Is it priority dilution? I want to make sure that I represent your words well. Priority dilutions is a way of sabotaging yourself as a leader, as an influencer, right?

Rory: Yeah, absolutely. What priority dilution does is it allows us to accomplish a large number of insignificant or trivial things which speaking to the neuroscience of your brain, every time you delete an email or you cross something off your to do list, you get a hit of dopamine and we are addicted. We are addicted to achieving a large volume of insignificant activities. The same way that you’d be addicted to any substance because it makes you feel a certain way.

Rory: But multipliers know that success isn’t related to the volume of tasks that we complete. But just to the significance of them. And there are certain ones that multiply time, that multiply results. They’re the big activities that really move us forward. And so priority dilution is this problem that we talked about in that book is more of a time management book, but it’s conceptually the same problem that brands have.

Rory: Is they’re so diluted with different directions that they can explain in one sense who the heck they are. And if you can’t tell someone in eight words or less what it is that you do, there’s no way they’re ever going to have the time to learn and buy from you. So you’re just losing money and you need to… And this coming back to phase one. And so to use Sheahan’s Wall- when you have dilution, you’re bouncing off the wall.

Rory: And so Sheahen’s Wall comes from a gentleman named Peter Sheahan, which was somebody who influenced me. He was the person I originally saw kind of model this framework is that there’s a wall and on one side of the wall are people who are like unknown or lesser known in their industry or their space.

Rory: And we’re trying to break through the wall to become the thought leader or the leader or the influencer, the recognizable person in our space. And we bounce off the wall because we have all of this dilution. And the real way you break through the wall is to focus, is to focus your message, focus the audience you’re serving, focus the business model you’re using to where you become known as the person on one thing. And you break through the wall on this one thing.

Rory: And then once you’re on the other side of the wall, you could do all sorts of stuff, right? Once you’re Oprah. Yeah, once you’re Oprah or Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk. And that’s why I think it leads people astray a lot is because they look and they go, “Ooh, I want to be Oprah.” I want to be Sarah Blakely. I want to be Tony Robbins. I want to be Gary Vaynerchuk. I want to be in these huge influencers. But it’s like what they never saw was the work to get through the wall.

Rory: And that’s I think… What Brand Builder says is, “Hey, let us tell you the real story about how this happens.” And here’s the exercises to find your own uniqueness and figure out what your path should be so that you can break through the wall.

Amy: And so it’s a value beyond words. What you do. I get to tell you that from personal experience because when we did this, when we did the exercise and we went through the brand DNA, you ask a series of questions and you really… Your team is really extra-

Rory: Yeah, it’s all questions.

Amy: It’s like teasing that out because I remember when I met you, we were at the National Speakers Association Conference and so the big question there is, it’s not what you do, it’s what do you speak on.

Rory: What you speak on.

Amy: And so I got asked that is this… Like you said a year and a half ago, I got asked that a full dozen or two dozen times. And I’m like, “Well it depends.” And I realized I stumbled so badly when answering that question. Then when I saw you present, I was like, “I need this.” I need this in my life. I need to get clarity here. And when I went and did the work with you, it wasn’t… You’re just like, “Okay, what do you speak on?”

Amy: And then I tell you and you write it out and that’s what it is. You actually have a formula that you go through and you sort of tease it out. And I was surprised by what came out of that meeting. It was different than what I would have thought it was. Even though I lacked clarity, it was different than what I thought it was.

Rory: Yeah. So, that process is… The brand DNA helix is effectively these six questions that we ask. And it’s interesting because it is systematic, it’s a process but it’s not a perfectly straight line. And actually each of these six questions we kind of brainstorm all of these answers to. And then what we’re looking for is what we call thematic overlap. We’re looking for this thematic overlap for the through line of your life and we believe that everything you’ve ever done, everything you’ve ever been, there’s a reason why you did it, even if it were subconscious.

Rory: And also everything you feel called to do is also an indicator of what your uniqueness is. So at the intersection of what you’ve done and what you feel called to do. That’s part of where the uniqueness lies. Also at the intersection of between who you want to be and who the world needs you to be at that intersection is a part of where your uniqueness lies. And so we have a process but it’s not like a formula where everyone cranks through and comes out with the same answer.

Rory: The answer is different. Every single person we work with, it’s completely different. It’s their uniqueness that we’re… So we’re uncovering it, it’s really exploration and we do it together, right? We’re facilitating a process of these conversations and what you find is so beautiful and you find all these stories.

Rory: All these amazing stories like, you sharing the stories about this heart break that you’ve had and you reconciling old relationships and just everything from that to healing yourself physically and how that led into doTERRA. But you have this calling to help females and to become leaders and have more female leaders in the world. It’s like an art, it’s weird because it’s both a science, but really it’s an art.

Amy: Yes. Like I said it provides a value beyond measure because when you’re in it, you can’t see it or I couldn’t, anyway I’ll speak for myself. And I think that this is a pretty widespread problem as evidenced by the fact that Brand Builders is here to solve that problem, is that when you’re in the cloud of confusion, you can’t see it. And so you tell the story as you answer the questions and Brand Builders, expert eyes kind of know what they’re looking for and they pick those touchpoints out and make it into something very coherent.

Rory: And let me just give an example for those of you listening. So the first of the six questions is really, what problem do you solve? So as an example we ask super simple question, right? Like what problem do you solve? And then we have all these criteria that it has to be, it has to be one word, it has to be a real problem, we can’t be self confidence, self confidence isn’t a problem.

Rory: Self doubt is a problem or unworthiness is a problem or self consciousness or there’s other problems but… And there’s all these criteria but for most people it’s so… The genesis of a personal brand is being able to answer that question in one word. What problem do you solve? And until you… That is so important because your entire personal brand like emanates from and revolves around the clarity of the answer to that question.

Rory: You orient your entire brand around that question and the clearer you are on it… Once you’re clear about a problem like this is an old quote, this isn’t a Rory Vaden quote. I don’t even know who said this. I think it’s one of the unknowns, but it’s a problem well-defined is half solved. With a personal brand as soon as you identify what the problem is you solve. All of the people with that problem start showing up and you start focusing in a deeper way on that one problem.

Rory: And that’s where true thought leadership happens because you’re actually forwarding the thinking that’s been done on solving this problem because it’s the only thing you’re focused on. It’s the only thing you’re thinking about. So you’re going deeper and instead of going wider, but people struggle with answering what problem do I solve or there’s… The process as we brainstorm them with you and then it’s like narrowing it down to the one

Amy: Totally. And the interesting thing for me is we met at the speakers conference in the summer and then we were in contact and then I heard you on a Podcast explaining this, Sheahan’s Wall and the problem that you solve. And immediately I reached out to you. But also when I came in to do this work, I was like, “No problem, I know the problem that I saw.” Skip that question and go to the next thing because I know what problem that I solve and it’s powerlessness.

Amy: And it didn’t end up being powerlessness because through this process I got a deeper layer of clarity about what causes powerlessness. And so it’s a type of root cause analysis to get down to what is really at the bottom of this thing that you feel called to solve. And for me it was going. So that was brand new to me. It was brand new information and the message that came out for my brand is take back your power and live life without limits.

Amy: Well, how do you take back your power? It’s by stopping blame, stopping blaming, committing to live without blame. And so that to me has been so, so, so unbelievably amazing. And so I thank you for the work that you’ve done to help me get creative.

Rory: And so that blame, right? Once you get clear on it, you start to see it everywhere in the world, right? Now you see, I’m actually trying to pull up something here to reference, but you actually… It becomes obvious and apparent to you everywhere that you look.

Amy: Totally.

Rory: Where this is happening and where this is showing up.

Amy: Not only that Rory. I have this app, it’s called Day One and I journal every day of my life. I don’t miss it. And every day it brings up my last journals through the years on that day. And so if I have time, I’ll go through and I’ll read my journals from a year ago, two years ago on December 7th or whatever that day is. And you would not believe, I don’t think I’ve even shared this with you, but you would not believe the amounts that I talk about blame in my journals.

Amy: And in just my writings and my own process and it’s just like, “Oh, it was there all along.” But it took that process, I believe it was even divinely downloaded. That brand that you have, that you go through with Brand Builders to actually bring that out into the open, into the light of consciousness.

Rory: Yeah. One of the things that you do is you, you help women elevate their identity, right? Well, not elevate. It’s like restore to their natural identity and blame is one of the weakest identities we can have. It’s completely a victim mentality, that sort of slave girl of relinquishing all power, all control of my life to somebody else. Everything that happens is all external and I’m the poor, helpless victim of everything versus I am able to influence everything.

Amy: Yeah, and so you helped me see that and you helped to give that a level of clarity that I’m changed and I’m so excited for the work that I’m doing and I know exactly the work that I’m doing is, which is always helpful. And that’s because of the work that I did with you and your team. And I’m grateful. I really am grateful.

Rory: Well, I appreciate that. We are so grateful for you. As you know you were one of our earlier, earlier clients with the new enterprise. So in some ways you’ve been a guinea pig for certain things that we’ve been testing stuff out on. And that’s like you to be a pioneer and to go first and to just be willing to forge through it. And I think that’s important. For you listening is to know, you don’t have to see it all clearly right now, but what you do have to do is you do have, you do have to have the courage to start taking the steps.

Rory: And even if you don’t… When you talk about courage, I’m reminded of this story actually all the way back from my first book, Take the Stairs about this woman in a burning building and she’s afraid of… She’s both afraid of heights and she’s claustrophobic.

Rory: And so she’s like on the 74 of this building that’s burning down and everyone’s running down the stairwell and she can’t do it because she’s so claustrophobic. She’s afraid of the stairwell and it’s like she’s as afraid of being in a small stairwell as she is of burning to death in a burning building. And this fireman comes up, he comes up and he finds her and he’s like, “What are you doing?” Get out of here this building is burning down. And she says, “I can’t do it I’m too scared.” I’m scared.

Rory: And he says to her, that’s fine. It’s fine to be scared. Do it scared. It’s okay to be scared, do it scared. It’s okay to be unclear, do it unclear. The steps become clear as you walk down the path. But even though the steps aren’t always clear, often times the calling is. One of the things you use that really affected me from your content is about the frequency and signals. It’s crazy because it’s like the universe or God, whatever you want to call it, I call it God.

Rory: I’m a Jesus freak. So that’s you but for me personally, but whatever you want to call it. Even though we don’t see the path clearly, it’s almost like that calling can be really, really clear. Now we try to like block it and cover it up, but it’s always there, it’s tugging on your heart. It’s pulling you and so it’s crazy how clear the calling can be and it just takes, you have to have the courage to follow calling.

Amy: Yes. And let it develop as you walk the path. Because it always, always, will. And so I love that analogy that you used about the burning building because in many ways our world is on fire. There are a lot of people hurting, there is a lot of darkness and there is a lot of need. And so in a way with that analogy, it works because there are problems that need solutions.

Amy: And one of the things I always tell the women that I work with is that you don’t have this solution. You are the solution. You don’t have the medicine, you are the medicine. And so that is why I love your work Rory, because you teach us how to get clear on what it is that we solve and how to actually bring that forward and that is an incredible service.

Amy: Take humanity, myself included. So I could talk to you all day. I really could, but I want to be respectful of your time because I know you have a lot going on. So his book is Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose. There’s also a Ted talk with millions of views for Multiply your Time.

Rory: How to Multiply Time.

Amy: How to Multiply Time. And if you would like to have a free strategy session, this is an offer that Rory is making for our audience on the Rise  To Reign Podcast. If you’d like to have a free strategy session with Brand Builders, you can go to brandbuildersgroup.com/reign and have a free strategy session.

Rory: R-E-I-G-N of course.

Amy: Thank you, R-E-I-G-N like Rise to Reign. And Rory can you just real quick let us know what they would get on the strategy session.

Rory: Yeah, so we call it a Brand Strategy Call. You request a free one at a brandbuildersgroup.com/reign. What’ll happen is, there’s a few questions you’ll fill out. We’ll assign it to one of our strategists and then that… Kind of that first call we do completely free. What we’re going to do is do an intake of what is your dream like what can you see? Because there’s some things you won’t be able to see, but there’s probably something you can see.

Rory: And then we’re going to want to understand how far are you along in the journey. And then based on whatever you share with us, our team will introduce a couple of frameworks and we’ll start, we’ll teach you and usually draw out or show you some of our frameworks and start introducing you to the process and give you some action items.

Rory: And then, by that point it’ll become clear to you that maybe we can help you. And if we can, we’ll talk about how, and we work with all different levels, right? We have celebrity TV clients that are like on Shark Tank and then we have people that are working at their corporate job and this is the very first time they’ve ever thought about doing this and they don’t even like know what to do.

Rory: So we do that or we’ll… If we’re not the right match, we’ll help you in whatever way we can, we’ll point you in the right direction. But I think a lot of it is, it’s just helping you get clear on your calling and see if we can help you polish that up a bit.

Amy: I love it. And on behalf of all of the people that I’m called to serve and on behalf of myself and my team with the deepest, deepest gratitude. Thank you.

Rory: Well I receive that warmth. I love you and Fiona and your whole team. You guys are amazing. I’m telling you, those of you that are listening to this, mark this date, literally mark this date and watch what happens in 10 years from this date with this brand Rise to Reign and with Amy and the community. You might be listening by yourself, but there’s a good chance that your life is going to change.

Rory: You’re going to end up being in a room with other women, with Amy and her team, that your life is going to change. I’m telling you, you like me, you have a front row seat to something that is going to truly transform the world. So we’re all excited to be here and we’re cheering for you all so keep helping people live their highest selves.

Amy: Wow. Thank you Rory and I couldn’t have done it without you so thank you.

Rory: Yeah, my pleasure. All the best.

Amy: So you may have noticed that I had to just shut the interview down because I was crying. I was absolutely balling. If you’ve never had anybody believe in you and really what amounts to prophesy over you that your work is going to bear fruit and help people and heal the world, it is an incredible experience and that is really what Rory and his team has done for me and my team is just really give us the tools and the confidence.

Amy: And let us kind of borrow their belief in us while we got our feet under us and built our wings. So I highly recommend them. As he mentioned, you can go to brandbuildersgroup.com/reign, that’s R, E, I G, N. And just have your free brand strategy session. If you’re thinking at all about building a personal brand. If you are an author, a speaker, a musician, and you want to get your message out to a wider audience, this team is absolutely brilliant at what they do.

Amy: So even if you don’t want to build a personal brand, I certainly hope that you got the message from this interview that you don’t have a medicine for the world, you don’t have a solution for the world, but you are a solution for the world. We absolutely need you. Your presence is not only requested, it’s required. So show up big. Let us see you. Let us hear you and let us feel your presence in the world.

Amy: And we will all be better for that. So if you have questions for me about this episode or anything at all, head on over to ask amykillingsworth.com and you can ask me a question there. Your question might be chosen to be featured on an episode upcoming, but if not, we’ll make sure and get your question answered and help you engage with this material and get the most out of it.

Amy: So thank you so much for being here with me on episode number 11 and listening to my fabulous interview with Rory Vaden. I hope you enjoyed it. This is Amy Killingsworth inviting you to Rise to Reign. I’ll see you in the next episode.